NIMA means Blessing, I strive to help you find your family blessing
Fertility treatment lies close to my heart, as my three children were also born with the help of fertility treatment.

Dr Ockie van Schalkwyk is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, with a masters from the University of Valencia, at Nima Fertility Clinic, who specialises in fertility and reproductive care. He is passionate about the care of pregnant women, and their unborn babies with a special interest in fertility treatment as well as laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Ockie van Schalkwyk specialises in fertility treatments, such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation and ICSI.

Antenatal Care is provided from the initial six week booking, through to your first trimester, gender determination, anatomy sonar, and finally your bed booking and delivery.

Patients are welcomed with empathy and understanding and guided through the process by our warm and caring professional staff.

Dr Van Schalkwyk works with paediatricians Drs Vermaak, Van der Vyfer and Morar. For anaesthetic services, including epidurals for vaginal deliveries and spinal anaesthetic for caesarean sections, Dr Van Schalkwyk makes use of Cilliers Street Anaesthetists.

Passion & purpose

NIMA Fertlity Clinic strives to fulful a purpose backed by a passion to help future families become a reality. Discover the services offered at Nima.

No doctor can work alone...

No doctor can work alone – a team approach is necessary to ensure a good outcome.

At Mediclinic Midstream Dr van Schalkwyk works in association with the other gynaecologists at Midstream. This means that although we always try our best to personally attend to our clients at the time of delivery or in case of emergency, we cannot always guarantee the physical presence of Dr van Schalkwyk at these occurrences. There will however always be someone available to attend to your needs.

For anaesthetic services, including epidurals for vaginal deliveries and spinal anaesthetic for caesarean sections, Dr Van Schalkwyk makes use of Cilliers Street Anaesthetists.

Success Stories

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Dr Ockie and his team at NIMA Fertility Clinic. Since day one, Dr Ockie was compassionate and supportive towards our journey. It started with an operation and after 2 IUI's, 2 inductions and one IVF we finally received the good news - we are going to be parents! During the pregnancy we faced multiple challenges. Dr Ockie was with us every step of the way and did his utmost best to ensure our beautiful baby boy was finally brought into the world. We will forever be grateful for Dr Ockie and his team, they were truly God sent.

Anonymous 2

Words cannot express our deepest gratitude for the extraordinary care and support you have provided on our journey to parenthood. After a year of challenges and heartache, your expertise and compassion guided us through the IVF process, culminating in the miracle we had long prayed for: a positive pregnancy test. From our very first consultation, we felt confident in your knowledge and reassured by your kindness. Every step of the way, you answered our questions patiently and celebrated our victories as if they were your own. You are a very passionate team and it carries over in your results and the dreams that come true for your patients. Today, we stand in awe of your unwavering dedication to helping families achieve their dreams. Thanks to you, we are now extremely proud parents of a healthy, 6 month old little girl, a testament to your skill and the genuine care you extend to each patient.

Schalk & Vynette

After 4 miscarriages with no hope, God sent me an angel, "Dr Ockie van Schalkwyk", who restored my hope again. I really appreciate all your concern, support and the willingness to help me before and throughout my pregnancy. I have never met a doctor and staff as nice and kind as you all have been to me. We cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation we have for you. You are so excellent at what you do, your hard work and dedication to your patients was extremely evident to us. Thank you for your professionalism, warmth and humour. You truly helped me making a challenging birth experience not only tolerant but special for us. Thank you a million times and may God continue to cherish and bless you abundantly. We are living in your promises.

Phumi and Patrick

My name is Chinyere am a PCOS patient. The syndrome affected my fertility but with help of Dr van Schalkwyk along with NIMA fertility clinic my journey was easy and I was able to conceive. I appreciate all their efforts and am blessed with my little one.


After around 5 years of trying (on and off) we started our journey with Dr Ockie in 2022 with an array of tests and procedures. On our second IUI cycle with Dr Ockie we were blessed with our baby girl, Ayla in 2023. Through the entire journey Dr Ockie and his staff were friendly, professional, and approachable. They were fully invested in our journey from start to finish and took care of us both physically and emotionally. We found Dr Ockie to be very experienced and knowledgeable, and felt as though we were in the best hands throughout out both our fertility and pregnancy journeys.

Nicole and Shaun

Today we are immensely thankful that our long, lonely and clinical fertility struggle turned into a beautiful story with caring people ever since we had our first appointment with Dr Ockie. It came as a big shock when I was diagnosed with undetectable AMH levels (premature ovarian insufficiency / "early menopause") in my late twenties. We thought we'd reached a dead-end, and that we'd have to accept that we'd never have our own children. This loss was extremely hard for me to deal with. My therapist told me about Dr Ockie and we decided to try one more fertility clinic as our final attempt. At our first appointment we were met with sincere compassion and understanding. We decided to go ahead with egg donation, and Dr Ockie put us in touch with a wonderful egg donation agency. As part of the process, I also had to take medicine. Dr Ockie was the only doctor we'd been to who was open to use a custom treatment plan suited to my specific diagnosis. (We'd seen doctors all over Gauteng, in Durban and Cape Town before.) We are so thankful that we could ask Dr Ockie all our questions. Every time, he made sure that we were comfortable before we left his practice. When it was necessary, he'd do more research afterwards and get back to us promptly. During our treatment we had a disappointing setback, and we really appreciated it that he made time to talk with us in person as soon as possible. Dr Ockie explored another option for us, and he continued to stay positive which helped us to cope with all the uncertainties. He cared about us and our hope to have a child. Throughout the IVF process we were given updates by Dr Ockie and his team. This helped us to have realistic expectations. At last we welcomed our beautiful miracle into the world! Thank you Dr Ockie that we could trust you wholeheartedly, for checking up on me physically and emotionally, for taking care of our baby girl in the womb, and for delivering her safely. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. You and every person in your team's kindness made this part of our story meaningful and memorable.

Liesel and Richard

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early twenties and always knew that starting a family would not be easy. Luckily we were fortunate enough that our paths crossed with Dr.Ockie. When we decided that it was time to start a family, he took the time to explain the different options that were available and to recommend an option that he thought was best suited for us.   We started our fertility journey in June 2022. We went through 3 unsuccessful IUI's - each time a cycle failed he was just as disappointed as we were. He supported us through the difficult times and encouraged us not to lose hope. We then decided to try IVF and after one cycle we received our positive pregnancy test. On the 1 July 2023 our miracle baby was born.   Dr.Ockie and his team truly went above and beyond. He was always available to answer questions or to address any concerns or fears, no matter the time of day. We have never come across a more kind, caring or compassionate doctor.   We will forever be grateful to Dr.Ockie and the Nima team for giving us our greatest blessing - our baby boy and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that is struggling to conceive.

Bianca & Philip

We are overjoyed to share our experience with Dr Ockie van Schalkwyk at NIMA Gynaecology & Fertility Clinic and his outstanding fertility treatment. After years of struggling to conceive, we started going to Dr Ockie for various treatments (including laparoscopy for Endometriosis, IUI and antenatal care) and was extremely happy with his service every time. From our first consultation, the entire staff was professional, caring, and highly knowledgeable. The fertility treatment we received was a true success, we are now blessed with a healthy beautiful baby boy! Not only did we become pregnant, but the entire process was seamless and stress-free. Dr Ockie is such a pleasant person that made us feel so comfortable. Dr Ockie and staff were always available to answer our questions and provide support whenever we needed it. We cannot thank NIMA Gynaecology & Fertility Clinic enough for their exceptional care and expertise. We highly recommend them for all their services. They truly go above and beyond to help their patients achieve their dreams of starting a family.


I was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age and was aware from that day that it would be difficult for me to conceive. Me and my husband were always open to all the different methods available to make it possible for us to start a family of our own. After a year of trying to build our family, without any success, our roads crossed with Dr Ockie early in 2021. We were referred to him by friends and family, who's existing patients of Dr Ockie. Upon my first visit to him, he confirmed my diagnosis of PCOS and told me that it won't be possible for me to conceive naturally. That's where our fertility journey started. Dr Ockie explained all the possible procedures that we can follow and we started with our first round of Ovulation Induction. Dr Ockie made us feel calm and wishful entering the unknown world of fertility treatment. We felt comfortable going through this process with Dr. Ockie, he was open towards us as he also underwent the same procedure to build his family. We walked a long road in our fertility journey, undergoing 4 treatments when we finally got the good news that we are expecting. Dr Ockie was supportive through the entire process, and when we felt defeated and ready to give up, he reassured us that we should not give up and that we will get there in the end. All his support and care made us positive and kept us hopeful. After receiving our positive pregnancy test after our successful Ovulation Induction treatment, Dr Ockie and his team continued to show us care and support. With every visit to his practice, we felt welcome and comfortable. Throughout our nine month journey Dr. Ockie and his team was always willing to answer any questions or help us with any concerns we had. They made us feel welcome every time and continued to be supportive. We are now a happy little family of 3, after giving birth to our beautiful little miracle. We will definitely recommend Dr Ockie and his team to anyone that's in the same boat as we were. We can not thank him and his team enough for all the care, support and help throughout our journey.

Jean and Chantelle

Being diagnosed with PCOS is something no one wishes for and it is an emotional battle that you have to face. I am truly blessed that I found Dr Ockie to help me through my journey, he was there for me every step of the way. If a cycle failed, he would always have another plan and would tell me not to give up hope. He helped me get through each surgery and treatment as I was always an emotional wreck, he is there for you emotionally and sympathises with what you are going through. He goes above and beyond for his patients and it felt like I was part of a family. The amazing thing is that he is there with you from the beginning through all the fertility treatments, is there during your pregnancy and is there for when your baby is born. Dr Ockie and the fertility team have given me my daughter, Charlotte Rose, which is the best gift I could ever ask for and I am beyond blessed and will be forever grateful for what he and his team have done for my husband and I!

Robyn Preston

Our names are Lynn and Babalwa, a proud same sec family whose fairytale was made possible by the amazing Dr Ockie Van Schalkwyk and team. My wife and I have always wanted a family and had no idea where to start until a friend of ours revered us to him. From the very first day we met, we didn’t know we would find a doctor who is so invested in the journey as we were. And because of his love and support, beyond his impeccable work ethic, everything was a complete bliss. We are already looking forward to extending our family once again because his services are just that perfect! Midstream fertility clinic is just more like home than a medical center thanks to Dr Ockie and his wonderful team. He helped us with our problems that made us think we would never be able to have our own children but he ensured that we overcome and conquer all obstacles to the very end. Today; we share our success story as we have a beautiful family. We have welcomed our beautiful baby girl Esona Blake Ngxale who we have conceived through IVF with the help of our amazing doctor. We are grateful for this miracle. Our beautiful bundle of joy. We are truly blessed and cannot thank you enough 🙏🏽❤️🌸

Lynn and Babalwa

After battling to conceive for a long time, my husband and I were referred to Dr Van Schalkwyk for fertility treatment. My husband and I had our first appointment in November 2021 and at the end of April 2022 we received our positive pregnancy test. Dr Van Schalkwyk was so thorough during his consultations and always made us feel calm and at ease - My husband and I, along with the wellbeing of our little girl during our pregnancy, was always a priority for Dr Van Schalkway and his team and there was nothing too much to ask of this incredible team. Dr Van Schalkwyk and his wonderful team changed our lives forever and today we are blessed with a beautiful little girl.

Ashley and Milan

In Oktober 2017 het ek en my man vir dokter Ockie ontmoet deur n sist wat op my eierstok gebars het en so was die begin van wat ons nooit geglo het 'n reis van byna 5 jaar sou wees nie. Daar was trane gestort in dokter se spreekkamer en hard gepraat deur dokter, maar ons sal nooit dokter se woorde vergeet nie' dis nie in my hande nie maar in die Here se hande ' net dokter se woorde van wysheid het ons deur gedra en ons gehelp om aan te hou veg om ouers te word. Ons het dokter heelhartig vertrou en nooit dokter se kennis en raad betwyfel nie. Dokter het ons ondersteun nadat die eerste IUI-siklus nie gewerk het nie. Dokter het aangehou om ons aan te moedig om ons doelwit te bereik om ouers te word. Met dokter se voorstel het ons besluit om 'n IVF-siklus te doen. Na een IUI en een IVF-siklus later was ons uiteindelik swanger met 'n tweeling! n SEUNTJIE en n DOGTERTJIE. Hoe awesome is dit!? Dokter se emosies en geluk wat dokter saam ons ervaar het was n gevoel wat ons verewig saam ons sal dra. Dokter was daar vir ons deur hierdie hele reis. Die dag van hulle geboorte en ons nie n bed kon oopkry by Midstream Hospitaal nie het dokter tot die uiterste gegaan deur om Johannesburg toe te ry om ons tweelingtjie in die wereld te bring. Ons ag dokter deel van ons familie en ons is ewig dankbaar daarvoor. Dit is 'n lewenslange band wat ons met dokter gevorm het en dat dokter altyd deel van ons storie sal wees. Dankie dat dokter ons gehelp het om ons drome waar te kon maak om 'n gesin van ons eie te kon begin. Ons voel so geseënd om dokter se hulp en ondersteuning te kon hê deur so 'n moeilike ervaring in ons lewe. Christelle en Martin

Christelle en Martin

Van die eerste oomblik af het Dr. Ockie ons so gemaklik laat voel. Die proses was so maklik. Dr. Ockie het met elke afspraak ons gerus gestel en ons het altyd gevoel dat ons enige vrae kon vra. Ons twee wonderwerkies is 34 weke later gebore. Ons sal nooit vir Dr. Ockie en die hele span genoeg dankie kan sê nie. Niks was te veel moeite nie. Ons pad was nie altyd maklik nie maar 100% die moeite werd!

Venter twins

Myself & Johan would like to take the opportunity to write not just a thank you note but to also tell a story of what a great adventure and experience we shared together with you. From day one Dr Ockie made us feel at home and at ease and that he and the team would make sure they did everything possible to get the results that you and your family have been hoping and praying for a very long time. Never did he make you feel uncomfortable or that this was strictly business. He always made a point to greet you with a warm welcome and have a chat on how everything was going with you. As any person can imagine, the process of going through IVF treatments is never an easy process and is quite an emotional time for you as a woman and also everybody around you. We ourselves had gone through a few IVF treatments before we met Dr Ockie and team and was left hopeless not having any good results with all the trying time. Our previous Doctor who was assisting us with IVF always made you feel very uncomfortable and unsure. Every time visiting him was almost like visiting a sausage factory or the headmaster’s office.  So, you will understand the hesitation in having to try again for IVF if your experience thus far has been so unsatisfactory. Luckily for us friends of ours told us about this Doctor that they believe is the absolute best and who they believe will be the one to bring us one step closer to getting a child. Having been through Four IVF we thought we could just as well give him a try and see if this is going to be the last one before we throw in the towel. As luck would have it we managed to find an opening with Dr Ockie and his team and so our journey began. I told how we tried a few times and was unsuccessful and how we are on the verge of giving up and perhaps making peace with the fact that this is just not meant to be. At no point did he look bored or irritated with my story. Instead, he asked us to please give him a chance and see if he could not make this whole experience a memorable one. The process was not a short-lived exercise and we had our ups and downs and unsuccessful tries, but not at one stage of the process did I feel like giving up and saying no more.  He made this experience something to remember and cherish for a lifetime. There were tears of laughter and tears of joy, even the office staff started to cry when they received the good news that our long struggle was finally over and our baby was finally on the way.   To Ockie and Everybody in the Team we will always appreciate all the help and love that was given to us in this journey and love and that we now call Hailey! Thank you again to everyone involved in making our dream a reality. With lots of Love Johan, Vanessa & Hailey Vorster

Baby Hailey Vorster

My fertility concerns started at the age of 19 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. At a young age the concern of not being able to have a family was always at the back of my mind. My husband and I started family planning in 2019. We had initially tried without any medical assistance for a year without any success. I had then researched Doctors in and around my area and Dr Ockie’s name appeared a few times with very good reviews. I had my first consultation with Dr Ockie who took me through my options and explained to me the process. His calming and gentle ways immediately gave us the sense of confidence, encouragement and hope that we needed. I began my ovulation induction process with so much hope in my heart. Each and every time I went for an appointment, Dr Ockie always took the time to explain to me what was happening and also answered every question I had. The one thing that I completely admired was the fact that Dr Ockie always had time for my questions and concerns. A few weeks later, to my absolute surprise I got a positive pregnancy result. My heart was so happy. I always had the confidence and trust in Dr Ockie and the fact that it worked was a dream come true. All the fears that I had from the age of 19 suddenly all fell away. An absolute miracle. I had visited Dr for my 6-week scan where we found out we were expecting TWINS! I experienced emotions of joy, shock and concern of how we are to raise 2 kids! Dr then took me through his personal experience of his twins and how they brought so much love into his family which immediately gave me comfort. The pregnancy journey was so beautiful. Every scan and check-up went well thanks to Dr Ockie, the nurses and receptionists. I gave birth on the 12th of May 2021 to 2 gorgeous baby girls. My biggest blessings. To date I keep in contact with Dr Ockie and share pictures of the girls. He made our dreams come true and assisted in completing our family. I highly recommend the Fertility Clinic based on the experiences I had with Dr Ockie and team ❤️

Ishani and Diphen

Met ons eerste dogtertjie het ons baie vinnig swanger geraak en nooit gedink dat ons moontlik later sou sukkel nie. Met sus se eerste verjaardag is my man gediagnoseer met Lupus en ons mag vir 'n jaar daarna nie probeer swanger raak het nie weens die medikasie waarop hy moes wees. Daarna het ons twee jaar probeer swanger raak, sonder enige sukses. Ons dogtertjie het elke aand gebid vir 'n sussie of 'n boetie baba, en my hart wou breek vir haar omdat sy wou weet wanneer Jesus haar gebed sal beantwoord. 'n Vriendin het my vertel van haar oulike ginekoloog en dat hy by die fertiliteitskliniek ook betrokke is. Ek was moedeloos en raadop, en het besluit om Dr. Ockie te nader. Hy het ons wildste verwagtinge oortref en dadelik met 'n werkende plan vorendag gekom. Hy het ons bekendgestel aan 'n prosedure wat ons nie eens geweet het bestaan nie, en na drie rondtes was ons swanger met onse klein wonderwerk. Kleinsus is presies 6 jaar na ousus gebore sonder enige probleme, en ousus se grootste gebed is beantwoord. Ek sal enige iemand aanraai om hierdie pad saam met dokter Ockie te stap. Hy is 'n ongelooflike mens, en dokter.

Hannes en Emmy-Lou

'n gevoel wat nie beskryf kan word nie, die oomblik wat jy daardie klein lyfie kan vashou!!! Om saam met Dr van Schalkwyk en Midstream Fertiliteits Kliniek die pad te kon stap om dit vir ons moontlik te maak om ouers te wees van 'n pragtige dogtertjie was werklik ongelooflik!


Op 2 Junie 2021, na 3 jaar se gesukkel om swanger te word en talle dokters besoeke, beland ek en my man uiteindelik by Dr. Ockie van Schalkwyk. Nadat ondersoek ingestel is, is dit bevestig dat ek ‘n “myomectomy” moet kry. Ons het nie gewag nie en op 9 Junie 2021 is die procedure deur dokter van Schalkwyk gedoen in Midstream Mediclinic. My man is ook getoets en dit is vasgestel dat ons in Januarie 2022 met die proses van “IVF – (In-vitro-fertilisation)” sal begin na ‘n 6 maande periode gegee is vir my herstel. 10 Januarie 2022 vind ons uit dat ons swanger is, heeltemal normaal! Op 29 Augustus 2022 is ons gesonde bondeltjie liefde gebore. Ons is ewig dankbaar vir die besonderse rol wat Dr Ockie van Schalkwyk gespeel het in die bewaarwording van ‘n ongelooflike groot droom van ons.

Izak en Melandri Swart